Baby Bump Casts

Having a pregnancy bump cast is a great way to capture your pregnant shape. Around 36 weeks of pregnancy is a good time to take a cast. Having a high or low definition cast is not at all uncomfortable and is totally safe for Mum and baby.

There are two options:-
High Definition Pregnancy Cast

A high definition pregnancy bump cast captures every little detail of your baby bump including your skin texture in wonderful detail. You can decide whether to include your hand or arm, your breasts, jewellery or a light scarf - the choice is yours...Natural white or in a very large range of beautiful metallic finishes.

Golden baby bump
Golden baby bump
 Cast with 'baby' a few months later
Cast with 'baby' a few months later

The Pregnancy bump Process

A Low Definition Bump Cast

A low definition bump cast shows the shape of your pregnant belly but does not show the details of your skin. The cast is created by layering warm plaster bandage on the belly. These casts are great fun to decorate or to use in newborn photo shots as seen below.

Pregnacy Bump cast 1
Bump with Miles
Pregnancy bump cast 2
Baby Bump Cast

Newborn Baby in Low Definition Bump Cast
by Photo by Julie A Davis