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Laura's Treasured Prints- Very Special Memories

Memories of a dearly loved and valued person (or pet) are very precious.
Casts or Jewellery- In Memory

At these extremely difficult times and these memories are extra special for families.

It is very sad but rewarding when I am asked to make Casts or Print Jewellery of children or babies who are very ill or have passed away.

If your much loved relative or friend is very ill or has just passed away, I can often make a beautiful hand Cast

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I can also make Print Jewellery of their Fingerprint, Handprint,, or sometimes Footprint for you to treasure and to remember them forever.

(I can also make memory keepsakes using Pawprints of your very special pet).

I may be able take prints myself or if this isn't possible you can take them, I can supply advice and/ or a print kit if necessary.
Prints can also sometimes be taken by a hospital or a funeral director.

I can also incorporate Cremation Ashes into many types of Silver Jewellery

  • Review Dec 2017 When I lost my little 6 week old Hadley unexpectedly I hadn’t got any chance to make or do any keepsakes as I was still in that newborn bubble! Lots of cuddles and sleepless nights. After he was finally released from the hospitals care I asked the funeral director if they could take 3D casts but the person who sold the kits said it wouldn’t work. I contacted Laura with a tiny bit of hope just 2 days before Hadley’s funeral to see if she could do them. She spoke to the funeral home and said she could but can’t promise how they would come out. Just before Christmas I received my beautiful baby’s hand and foot cast. The level of quality and detail is amazing and it is something I will treasure forever. It’s like having a part of him back. I can’t thank Laura enough for her service and would recommend to anyone! (hopefully not in my same unfortunate circumstances)
  • Review Aug 2017 Today I collected my amazing beautiful jewellery from Laura. I had a pendant for a necklace, and a bead for a bracelet made, both with my late nans fingerprint embossed. I am honestly over the moon, I cannot recommend Laura enough, her customer service was brilliant, response time was excellent and even at the beginning of me placing my order, Laura went out of her way and got the prints the very next day due to my own fault of timings. I will 100% be using her sevices again, for castings of my dogs paws and future children's hands and feet. The pieces of jewlery that she's made, I will keep for the rest of my life, and I am so pleased with all the tiny detail and the quality- I feel now as though Nans even closer, funny what jewlery that's personalised can do! Thank you so much Laura, I will be singing your praises to everyone. Very happy customer !

Some Very Special Children

Beth Rose Brading

Beth Rose (July 24th 2002 - March 10th 2016) very sadly died suddenly in the spring of 2016.
Beth was a wonderful, very popular 13 year old teenager who enjoyed school.
She came from a large family and is greatly missed by her parents, brothers and sisters.
Beth Rose- In Memory
She loved butterflies, the colour yellow and Minions (Little yellow cartoon characters)

I like life, but it can be a pain in the butt, but it is pretty good, when you put in the effort. By Beth Rose Brading

Her devastated parents asked me to take casts of Beth's hands at the Funeral Directors.
They now have this lovely cast to remember her forever.

Beth Rose- In Memory

I also took finger prints at the Funeral Directors and I made beautiful silver rings for her mum and dad to wear.


Baby Kaleb, very sadly died very soon after he was born a couple of years ago.
At the time the staff at the hospital took prints of his feet as a memory for his parents.

These prints were put away safely until Kaleb's mum felt ready to discuss a keepsake in Kaleb's memory. She visited me at Laura's Treasured Prints a few weeks ago to discuss a silver keepsake pendant. She choose a silver star, as she tells her other children that Kaleb is looking down from the stars. The star has Kaleb's little footprint on it. A lovely keepsake she can wear in his memory.

In memory of little Kaleb


"Every night before I go to bed I blow out the candle on the mantle piece and hold my little girls hand again" Quote from Phoebe's mum, Vicki.

Phoebe- In Memory

In September this year I met a little girl called Phoebe and her mum, Vicki.
Phoebe had been diagnosed with AML Leukaemia in 2012.
After a lot of treatment, very sadly in August 2015 her family were told that Phoebe was now terminally ill.
Devastated by the news Phoebe's parents decided that they wanted Phoebe's last months to be filled with fun memories for the whole family. They went on a seaside holiday, went to Centre Parcs with Phoebe's cousins and visited London to see a show. They also celebrated an amazing 5th birthday party for Phoebe.
I was honoured to be asked to make a hand holding cast and print Jewellery for Phoebe's mum and other family members.
Phoebe told me about her party while I took moulds of her fingerprints, which is a bit like playing with Play Doh.
Phoebe wasn't so keen on having the holding cast but we managed to get a lovely cast of Phoebe holding hands with her mum, with the help of Kitkat!
Later that week I met Phoebe's Grandma Dawn. She talked so fondly of little Phoebe, telling me how she would sing the rhyme- round and round the garden, like a Teddy Bear to Phoebe.
She took some hand print kits for Phoebe and her brother Oliver, to have fun at home taking their prints. The children also drew pictures and Phoebe made Dawn pose for a drawing! I was later able to incorporate Phoebe's lovely drawing of Grandma Dawn into the jewellery and keepsakes that Dawn chose.
I was so sad to hear that Phoebe passed away on 30/10/15.
Vicki visited me soon afterwards to discuss some print jewellery.
I was so touched to hear Vicki say how comforting she found having the cast of Phoebe's little hand.
"Every night before I go to bed I blow out the candle on the mantle piece and hold my little girls hand again"

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