2nd January 2017
Back to work today after a nice break. It was a bit of a shock when the alarm went off at 6.15 this morning, but I managed not to hit snooze. I was out walking the dog at 6.30, it felt like the middle of the night!

31st December 2016
Happy New Year and Thank You :)
A massive thank you to everyone who has supported my business in 2016.
All my customers, friends and family and the other small business owners who have given me advice and support. Also not forgetting all my likers on my page who share, comment and like my posts and help spread the word about my business. It really does make a massive difference thank you.
Here's to a fabulous 2017.

27th December 2016
Hello everyone, I hope you all had a nice Christmas. We are having a day of doing nothing except maybe walk the dog!

24th December 2016
Happy Christmas Eve everyone. All orders have now been collected and i am looking forward to having some time off :)
Thank you so much to all my customers and friends who have supported my business this year. Thank you for choosing Laura's Treasured Prints to help capture your special times.

October 2016
Should you buy a DIY casting kit?

I get a lot of new parents coming to me after having tried to use Home Casting Kit and failed......

The images Online and on the Home Casting Kit Box makes it look pretty easy BUT I've heard of many people not managing to get the baby's hand or foot into the alginate before it sets, let alone managing to make a hand or foot cast. They are usually just left with the frame with nothing to put in it!!

The Home Casting Kits are not cheap, often between £50-60, and they usually contain cheap materials that are not suitable to make a good cast.
Also the Kits don't contain tools to properly finish the cast. (these tools would need training and practice to use anyway).

Many people would like to cast a slightly older child's hand or foot but often the frames supplied are only deep enough for a very small baby.Larger casting kits are also available, but with larger casts just mixing alginate takes skill, practice and equipment. Let alone being able to cast without missing fingers!

Please do your research and spend your money wisely. I am happy to discuss all your requirements. For larger casts I am always happy to do payment plan to spread the cost.

Ashes Jewellery

My new resin range can incorporate cremation ashes so keep your loved ones close to you forever.
This last week I have completed these two pendants. Next week I will be working on adding a ring to the range.
Cremation ashes, blue silver pendent

Pregnancy Bump Casts

I have been working with Jill from H 4 Photo to help launch my new product range, Pregnancy Bump Casts.
Jill has a studio in Droxford, Hampshire and provides all types of photography services locally.
Having a pregnancy bump cast is a great way to capture your pregnant shape. You can also include the cast in a New Born Photo-shoot.
Jill met with Abby (who was 36 weeks pregnant), Miles, (Abby's little son), and myself at my studio in Southampton for a photo-shoot a couple of weeks ago.
We had great fun casting Abby’s bump. Jill made us all feel completely at ease during the photo- shoot and we really enjoyed it.
Abby & Miles
Abby & Miles

Abby is to use her pregnancy bump cast in her photo-shoot with Jill when her baby arrives. At 36 weeks pregnant, the cast should be a perfect for the newborn baby to fit in, like a liittle bowl, and be photographed.
Also there is enough time to strengthen the belly cast ready for the Photo- shoot.
The cast is created by layering warm plaster bandage on the belly, this takes about 20 minutes.

Pregnacy Bump cast 1
Bump with Miles
Pregnancy bump cast 2

The cast is not at all uncomfortable and is totally safe for Mum and baby. When I remove the cast I add a further layer of bandage to strengthen the edges to produce a raw cast.

I will also offer a second option, whereby I smooth and paint the cast. This involves building up extra layers of plaster which I then sand and finish to your colour specification.
This second option requires a lot of extra work so is more expensive, but is a beautiful keepsake and reminder of your pregnancy.
Option 1- Raw Cast - Belly only -£45, Belly and breasts- £60
Option 2- Smooth and finished- these prices included painting one colour and varnishing matt or high gloss- Belly- £110, Belly and breasts- £140

Watch this space for pictures of Abby’s Newborn Photo-shoot when her baby arrives very soon.

In Memory Resin Jewellery

Over the last few months, I have been asked a few times whether I can add ashes to jewellery.
I am always keen to learn something new, so last week I went off to the Cotswolds to learn how to do this.
This is one of the pieces I made.
I have more pieces to finish over the next few days and I am looking forward to experimenting more.

I'm also really excited that my membership has been accepted toAssociation of Life Casters International

Bump casting:- I have been doing some trial Baby Bump Casts this week.

This picture is only the first stage. It needs to dry out for a few weeks.
Then it will be re enforced and finally smoothed over and sanded to a perfect finish.

I will be doing a Bump Bowl next week which is great for Newborn Photo Shoots.
I am looking forward to offering these in the near future.

We have all been under the weather since the New Year but hopefully coming to end of the winter bugs now!!
I have however, had some time to do some further life casting training in the larger casts (including more people)
These casts are really special as they can include the whole family and are lovely family heirlooms.

I have also been planning ways of expanding my jewellery range. I plan to do training so I can use resin to incorporate into my keepsake jewellery range.
Watch this space for new products in the spring once I have completed the training and had some practice.

04/01/ 16
Back to work after Christmas! We all had a great time... but have eaten and drunk too much...... Will I keep to my New Year resolutions??

Feeling a little 'tired' after wonderful New Year celebrations....Happy New Year Everyone.

Happy Christmas Everyone!!

05/11/2015- Bonfire Night
I enjoyed meeting everyone at Wobblers on Monday.
It's now Thursday afternoon and pouring with rain again.
My new studio is progressing - it now has a new roof. The plastering is being done.
The electrician will then put in new lighting and we will paint it when the plaster is dry.
It will then be ready for visitors!!

My new workshop is finished!
I'ts a lovely space and ......no more casting in the dining room!
My Studio

30/10/ 2015
Well it's Half Term and raining!
I've been very busy lately and made my first hall- marked silver tiepin for a lucky dad all 4 of his children's foot prints walking up a tie pin.

Yesterday I had a break from taking prints, making jewellery and casting and went to London with my husband and two children.
We had a great time in the National History Museum and visiting Buckingham Palace.

Next Monday I'll be at Wobblers Play group .... and my conservatory is being converted into my new workshop- very exciting!!