Care of Your Silver Print Jewellery

Tarnish & After Care...
Thank you for purchasing your Fine silver or Sterling silver jewellery from Laura’s Treasured Prints.

Tarnish is simply a reaction which naturally occurs when silver is exposed to and reacts with hydrogen sulphide in the air.
Tarnish appears as a dull, grey or black film or coating over the silver.
Both pure silver and Sterling silver will tarnish with time, as it is an unavoidable chemical reaction but it can however be minimised by following the aftercare instructions below.
These will help prolong the beauty of your jewellery.

After care

Contact with wool, food (especially eggs and onions), rubber bands, latex and paint are all known to cause silver to tarnish.
So it is best to avoid these causes wherever possible.
Also avoid spraying your jewellery with perfume or aftershave.
A humid environment will tarnish your silver.
Please keep your jewellery as dry as possible and do not wear whilst showering, bathing or swimming (Chlorine can permanently damage and discolour your jewellery).
Also please remove your jewellery when exercising and sleeping.
You should always remove your jewellery before using any household cleaners especially those containing bleach as they may mark and ruin your jewellery.
Soap can cause a film to form over your jewellery causing it to appear dull and dingy.

Polishing Cloth

Silver jewellery should be regularly cleaned with an anti-tarnish polish cloth specially designed for silver jewellery.
One small cloth is provided with each piece of jewellery
I would recommend using this cloth to gently polish your silver after each wear. You should then wrap your jewellery in the cloth when you are not wearing it.

The polish begins to wear off these cloths after opening.
I would therefore suggest that you also buy additional polishing cloths to keep your jewellery looking good.
You can purchase additional silver polishing cloths from Laura's Treasured Prints. They are also available online.
A good option are Pro Polish Cloths.

We do not recommend silver dips for charms as they will remove the antique effect but they work well for cleaning chains.

If the tarnish is very stubborn and the polishing cloth does not completely remove it all.

1) Line a small bowl with aluminium foil.

2) Put your jewellery on the tin foil.

3) Put a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda in the bowl.

4) Pour some hot water (just off the boil) into the bowl. The bicarbonate soda will fizz.

5) Leave your jewellery for a minute , flip over if needed so both sides touch the tin foil. (Use tongs so you don’t burn yourself.)

6) Rinse your jewellery with clean water and polish with your cloth.