Taking Your Print (for silver jewellery)

Hand/foot/paw prints are taken with a inkless wipe.
My Inkless wipes work brilliantly. They are totally ink- free and leave absolutely no mess on your baby's hand or foot.
All you need to do is to wipe the hand or foot with the wipe and then gently press them on to the special card I provide (you must use this card as it is coated with a special fixing solution.) The print will appear in beautiful detail.

You can also use them for hand and foot prints of tiny baby's, older children and adults. Also your dog's or cat's paw print.

They are also excellent for taking finger prints of older children and adults.

The definition in fingerprints develop with age. Very young babies will not have a defined print. Therefore, if your child is under one year of age, hand or footprint jewellery is recommended.
Handprint or footprint jewellery can be taken at any age.

They are totally safe to use on even brand new babies as the wipes are completely non-toxic and regulated by EU safety laws.

When taking paw prints, I recommend that you cut some of the fur off around the pad of the paw if you dog or cat is very hairy.

Fingerprints & Handprints

Taking an Ink Fingerprint- Click Here

If you visit me to have the fingerprint taken, it can also be taken straight into the silver clay by pressing your finger into the special putty. If you choose the postal option or online option I will send you some putty to press the finger into.

Taking Fingerprints in putty- Click Here

If you would like Handprint or Footprint Jewellery. You can take the print yourself (or visit me)

Taking an ink Handprint- Click Here