Ashes Memorial Jewellery- Info & Prices & Care

Resin is a wonderful synthetic translucent material, ideal for making jewellery, that can be coloured to your specification.
I can incorporate Cremation Ashes or Hair into the resin to make lovely Sterling Silver Jewellery.

The cremation ashes (I need less than a teaspoon) can be from a much loved family member or friend or of your beloved pet.
Hair can be the first curl from your child's head or even from your favourite horse!

I use the resin to make lovely pendants. I can make you a hand crafted totally bespoke silver shaped pendant of your choice or a hand crafted basic round silver or square pendant).
I can also make rings, cuff- links, key rings..... Please call to discuss.

Resin Jewellery Prices

Basic Silver 20mm Round or Square pendants- £45 [including cremation ashes or hair in resin. Resin in the colour of your choice]

Handcrafted, totally bespoke, bezelled Sterling Silver pendant in the shape of your choice,(such as heart or tear drop) - £85 [including cremation ashes or hair in resin. Resin in the colour of your choice]

Handcrafted Rings- £65

Handcrafted Cufflinks £70

Chains are available from £10-20

If postage is required, I would suggest special delivery for ashes pieces. Special deliver- £7
This price list is a guide I am happy to quote for different shapes and sizes, please contact me for further information.

You are welcome to visit me in Shirley Southampton to discuss your jewellery and to deliver the ashes or hair. Alternatively you can post the ashes or hair to me.

Care of your resin jewellery

    Please remove your resin jewellery before you go swimming or using any cleaning chemicals.

    Although resin Jewellery is hard wearing, do not allow direct contact with many beauty products including lotions, perfumes, or hairspray.

    Do not expose your jewellery to extreme temperatures. Resin may soften if it gets very hot. If this happens leave your jewellery away from the heat to cool down slowly. Do not touch the resin

Cleaning your resin jewellery
    Wash carefully in mild soapy water. Do not use jewellery cleaning dips.

Storing your resin jewellery
    Store your jewellery away from direct sunlight in the jewellery box provided

Polishing your resin jewellery
Although resin jewellery is very durable if you do need to polish the resin part of your jewellery I would recommend using Novus Plastic Polish (available on line). Please read instructions carefully.

PHOTOS of Silver Resin Memorial Jewellery